Project Computer aided forest management optimization under climate change (CAFMOCC) aims to evaluate the impact of different management types on the forest stands development in terms of stable and changed climate.

Project is supported by Slovak Research and Development Agency pod číslom APVV-15-0413. Doba riešenia je Júl 2016 – December 2020.

Stand development will be simulated using suitable forest growth simulator, calibrated to the conditions of Slovakia. Based on the results, optimization of management interventions and the most appropriate management schemes will be created for different stand types. Stand development evaluation will be aimed at the widest possible range of production and non-production functions of forest stands. Knowledge, experience and opinions of forest managers, representatives of municipal governments, conservation and other professionals will be utilized.

Software tools supporting the simulations of a large amount of forest stands under different conditions,modifications of growth simulator and a software library of algorithms for facilitating the evaluation of the results will be developed as a partial project aims. Software tools will include programmed functions for frequently used mathematical equations in forestry. Release of the software tools in the form of open source is supposed for their wider use in forestry applications.


Project Project aims at following issues:

  • optimization of forest management scenarios in relation to forest ecosystem services (complex of productive and nonproductive functions), expected climate change and opinions of forest managers and the other stakeholders (nature conservation bodies, local municipalities and the others)
  • development of probabilistic model for stand decline or damage by injurious agents and its integration into the complex framework of forest management optimization
  • creation of advanced software tools for modeling and evaluation of forest stands development under different types of management
  • dissemination of project results among forest managers and the other stakeholders

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